Shipping Daily Mon-Fri



All Custom orders shall be prepaid. All Custom orders are Non Refundable & Non Exchangeable. The agreed sale is Final. Acceptable payment methods via Buckaroo Boutique website are Visa, MasterCard, PayPaL or AfterPay.

If a custom order is being made in America, please allow AT LEAST 10 working days for the item to be made, unless discussed/notified otherwise.

If a custom order is being shipped from America, all orders will be shipped via USPS Priority, unless discussed and agreed otherwise. Allow AT LEAST 10 working days from date of shipment, for your custom order to land at Buckaroo Headquarters. Buckaroo Boutique owner inspects all orders on arrival prior to shipping/forwarding the product onto our valued customer.

PLEASE REMEMBER: with all custom orders, there is another human being at the other end working hard and passionately, to create your special statement piece, so all timeframes have to fit within their workload and product standards. From time to time things happen outside our control and timeframes of making custom pieces are pushed out; however, if this occurs, we will strive to keep you updated as information is fed through.

Australian Customs

Lastly, from time to time and outside of our control, Australian Customs will inspect imported packages which will incur a delay in the delivery of expecting parcels and custom orders. Should we receive a notification from Australian Customs advising your product is being held (for whatever reason), we will contact you immediately with a new arrival/landing date.