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Tips Regarding Country and Western Clothing

When you’re trying to create your cowgirl fashion, keep in mind that everyone’s taste is different, and your style should be all your own. It’s advisable to take inspiration from websites and other places where you see things that you like, and then pick and choose your tops, bottoms, and accessories in ways that feel like “you.” Here are a few more tips for helping you create unique country outfits.

  • When in doubt, choose denim. Denim everything is a great place to start for people who love western fashion in Australia. Instead of head-to-toe denim, however, use it strategically to accent your outfits, For example, you might try a great pair of jeans mixed with a plaid shirt or, for a more “prairie chic” look, a denim skirt and a pretty, feminine top.
  • Rock the right accessories. Western jewellery is all about using the country’s natural elements, such as turquoise. Turquoise and sterling silver look fantastic together and are a trendy combination in western fashion in Australia. Another great thing about turquoise jewellery is that it’s suitable for a variety of occasions, from everyday wear to dressier events, depending on the pieces.
  • Add a belt. One of the best cowgirl accessories to have on hand is a charming belt to cinch your figure. Try a traditional leather belt finished off with a blinged-out buckle to make a bold statement. These belts are incredibly versatile, too, adding a polished look to everything from jeans to dresses.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Jeans

As mentioned, denim is a building block of western fashion, and every cowgirl needs a great pair of jeans (or five). Here are some tips for keeping yours looking their best and helping them last as long as possible.

  • Learn to spot clean. Your jeans don’t require a wash every time you wear them unless they are visibly dirty. Between washes, you can use a damp cloth or an old toothbrush and mild soap to eliminate small stains. The less you wash your jeans, the longer they’ll last, so this is an important technique to know.
  • Wash them inside out. When you do wash your jeans (when they appear visibly dirty or after several wears), it’s a good idea to turn them inside out to prevent excessive colour loss and fading. Your jeans will fade naturally as you wear them, and this can give them a nice “lived-in” look and feel – you don’t need extra help from the washing machine (unless you want it).
  • Air dry. Have you ever wondered from where all that lint in your dryer’s lint trap comes? Spoiler alert: it’s your clothes breaking down as you dry them. Hanging them on a clothesline or drying rack is a better choice that will preserve your jeans for longer. If you do hang them in the sun, turn them inside out to minimise fading.

What Sets Buckaroo Boutique Apart Regarding Country Fashion Brands

If you’re looking for a new favourite country clothing supplier, look no further than Buckaroo Boutique. We are passionate about country life, and it shows in our quality and service. Here are a few of the things that set us apart from the competition.

  • We’re the real thing. Buckaroo Boutique is our family business. We live just outside Biloela, Central Queensland, where we breed “bred to buck” bulls and cows. We sell only clothing that we love and would wear ourselves for its quality, authenticity, and style.
  • Our point of difference is our service. We value excellent customer service and make it our top priority, along with the quality of our products. We offer our customers personalised attention and quick responses because we just feel that they deserve it.
  • We pour our hearts into everything we do. We favour sassy styling and self-expression. We particularly love the handmade, the vintage-inspired, and the one-of-a-kind. We’ve curated each piece of clothing and handcrafted heirloom that we offer with extensive thought, passion, and love.